1978 – 2018

40 years motorcyclehotel “Villa Löwenherz”

What an unbelievably long time.


We want to remember alongside our guests all the little stories which have happened in and around the house. We love to remember the most ones. And we are proud to have been here with our guests for all this time.

There are so many stories to be told. So let's acknowledge 40 years of "Villa-Stories". And that's why we want to encourage our guests who have been visiting for also 40 years to the following:

Send us your "Villa-Stories"! Tell us all about growing up and getting older together. Send us the pictures that show the house 40 years ago. How we partied and drove the motorcycle together!

In the wild first years when our guests were as young as we were ourselves.

It doesn't have to be a full-on essay. One or two Sentences are enough and pictures are of course always welcome. It doesn't matter if you send a digital or a paper photo copy. Out of all your submitted pictures we will choose some which will be published in a collection.

You can send your contributions to:
or Villa Löwenherz, Würgasser Str. 5, 37697 Lauenförde.

From all submissions we choose a lucky few who will win a weekend for two in our house and other little surprises.















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